Do you also offer vehicles with combustion engines?

    No, we specialize in electric vehicles.

    Where can I buy your vehicles?

    See our dealer finder.

    How will I receive my vehicle?

    You can collect it from the shop, or we’ll deliver it to you.

    Is the vehicle ready to drive straight after purchase?

    The vehicle will be fully charged and assembled. If you wish, we can organize registration and collect the number plate.

    Why should I order an eco-mobility vehicle?

    We work closely with our manufacturers, have in-depth knowledge of their vehicles thanks to training sessions and workshops and we know our vehicles particularly well because we drive them every day.


    What is the difference between vehicles with combustion engines and your products?

    Electric vehicles are quiet, emit no pollution and are lots of fun - our vehicles accelerate instantaneously and without delay.

    Do the vehicles make any noise?

    Initially, there is only a slight electrical hum. At a certain speed, the air is the loudest noise you can hear.

    Are the vehicles difficult to maintain?

    No, due to the reduced number of components. However, please contact us or our partners for details on routine maintenance and inspections.


    How much does it cost to drive an electric vehicle?

    In general, the total cost of ownership is much lower than that of vehicles with combustion engines


    Which type of license do I need to be able to drive your vehicles?

    It depends on the model and the country - you can find the required driver’s license under each model.

    Do I need to be over a certain age to drive your vehicles?

    For smaller, less powerful vehicles there are no specific age restrictions. For all others, you must be at least 15 years old.


    How will my vehicle be delivered?

    Our logistics partners - UPS - will pick up your vehicle after the purchase is complete and deliver it to the desired address.

    How do I know when my vehicle will be delivered?

    Each time your vehicle is picked up by our logistics partner, you will receive a tracking number, allowing you to track your delivery online. Furthermore, we (or UPS) will call you the day before to schedule the time and place of delivery.


    What type of insurance do I need?

    This depends on your country, but generally speaking for most vehicles an insurance with civil liability is sufficient. You can also take out a comprehensive insurance policy - the choice is yours!

    Is anything different when registering electric vehicles?

    No different with another vehicles.